New Patient Sign-up

We are excited you decided to become a member at Spirit Primary Care.  We created a list to help you navigate the sign-up process.  Having this complete will help Lauren get to know you before your first visit and will make your visit go quicker.


Make an Appointment

Text our nurse practitioner Lauren at 803-877-4748 to make an appointment.  You must pay to confirm your appointment (step 3).  You are welcome to call her if you have additional questions.  If she is unable to answer the phone let us know when is a good time of day to return your call.


Cancellation Policy

The membership fee and the joining fee are required to be paid in full before your first appointment which will be confirmed after you pay.  Any new patient who fails to show for their first visit, or does not cancel within 24 hours will be charged a $100 fee.  If you do not reschedule, you will not be refunded any membership or joining fees greater than $100 paid to the clinic.  A new patient will be given one opportunity to reschedule.  Should the patient reschedule, the $100 cancellation fee is due at the time of the visit.  

Cancel your appointment by calling or texting us at (803-877-4748).




Payments Accepted & Transaction Fees

We accept credit cards, debit cards & bank drafts.   We also accept cash, but if you pay in cash, you must pay before your billing date and also have a card or bank account on file.  Spirit Primary Care pays transaction fees which costs us about $2.50 for each credit card transaction and about $0.50 for a bank draft.  We understand that many people need to be able to pay with a credit card but we would appreciate it if you consider using a bank draft.  You can always change your method of payment.


Sign up for Automatic Billing

Click the link below and enter your billing information into our billing platform Hint Health.  You will be billed automatically on the day you sign up every month.  After your first visit, you may request to change your billing date.  When you sign up you agree to our cancellation policy and patient agreement attached in Hint Health.  You will be asked to sign the patient agreement in person on the day of your first visit.  Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Hint Health Signup Photo JPEG_edited.jpg


Complete Health Questionaire

Text Lauren at (803) 877 4748 when you have completed filling out the billing information.  She will confirm your appointment and send you a link to the email you provided for billing.  It may be in your spam folder.  You will see a link to sign up for our Patient Passport which is part of your health record.  You will also see links to a few health questionnaires.  After you have signed up for the Patient Passport you can access it again by clicking the link below.  If you have an Apple phone you can download the Apple Elation Patient Passport app.  If you have an Android phone, you can still access the patient portal by clicking the link below and logging on with a web browser.

Porcelain Dish


Come Fasting

If you have a morning appointment and would like to complete your fasting bloodwork which includes a lipid panel and fasting blood glucose, you should come fasting.  This means nothing to eat after dinner or for breakfast.  You can have water or black coffee.  If you have an afternoon appointment you can return another day to make an appointment.