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Call or Text 803-877-4748

7001 Saint Andrews Rd B9,

Columbia SC 29212

Forgot how to get in the health record or need to check your billing account?  You are in the right place.

Patient Help Page

Medical Record

Elation Health

Login Link

Login to your medical record called Elation Health in a web browser using the link below.

Sending Attachments

You can send attachments like a photo you just took from your phone and other documents in the health record!! Click the link below to learn how.

If you would like directions on how to save the Elation Health icon on your cell phone or desktop for easy access, click the link below.

Quick-Access Icon

Phone App

Click the link below to download the Elation app in the Apple App Store.  If you do not have an Apple device, you can still login using the web browser on your phone.

Self Scheduling

Login to your health record to book an appointment or a 15-minute phone call.  To use self-scheduling, you will have to make an appointment 2 hours in advance.  You will only see 2 weeks at a time and morning appointments.  If you need an appointment outside of this time frame, please text us at 803-877-4748.  Click the link below for directions on how.


Directions on how to set your preferences for email and text message notifications.  

Billing Login

We use Hint Health for billing.  You can use the link below to login and change your payment method and to review your bill.  You should get an automatic monthly email reminder before your automatic billing occurs.  You will also receive email notifications if your account had insufficient funds or if your credit card will expire soon.  If you would like to cancel your membership, send Lauren a message in the health record.

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