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Strep Throat

  • We offer an in office rapid Strep Test.  Learn your results in minutes.


  • We offer rapid influenza testing in our clinic.  Learn your results in minutes.  It is important to know if you have the flu, so you can avoid spreading it to others.

Common Cold

  • The common cold is usually caused by a virus.  Antibiotics cannot be used to treat the common cold because antibiotics only treat bacterial diseases.  Our trained clinicians can counsel you about medications that may help your symptoms.


  • There are so many conditions that can cause fatigue.  We usually start by taking a good history and checking some labwork.

  • Some labs we may check are a CBC, CMP, Vitamin D, and TSH.

Ear Pain

  • Ear Infection

  • Our nurse practitioner can look in your ears and tell whether you have otitis externa, which is an outer ear infection or otitis media, an inner ear infection.

  • Ear Wax

  • Sometimes ear pain can be caused by wax build up.  In this case we offer ear lavage and wax removal.

​Tooth Abscess

  • Our nurse practitioner can look in your mouth and see if you have an infection and prescribe antibiotics if needed.   Patients usually need to also schedule a visit with their dentist.


  • There are two types of migraine medication.  Some medications prevent migraines and other medications stop a migraine attack when you are experiencing one.  Our nurse practitioner will take a thorough headache history and develop a treatment plan to meet your health needs.

Seasonal Allergies

  • Our nurse practitioner can help you find the best allergy medication to fit your health needs.


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