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Sutures & Staples Removal

When can the staples & sutures come out?

  • When the staples and sutures can be removed varies widley based on body part and procedure.   We need to know the date of your procedure and preferably have records of your procedure before we remove your staples or sutures.

Is it Painful?

  • Patients typically experience no pain or only mild discomfort.  

How long does it take to remove staples & sutures?

  • Staple & suture removal is a very quick procedure that takes a couple of minutes.

Staple Removal

  • We uses a special sterile staple remover made for medical staples.  In some ways it does resemble a staple remover from paper.

Suture Removal

  • We use a sterile set of tweezers and medical scissors to remove sutures.  Some sutures are made out of a dissolvable material and do not need to be removed.

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