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Asthma affects 5% to 10% of the population and is an inflammatory airway disease.  Shortness of breath and wheezing are common symptoms of asthma which can be controlled with medications.  Many people with asthma also have trouble with allergies and have worse asthma during allergy seaseon.

At Spirit Primary Care we monitor how well your asthma is controlled by using a peak expiratory flow meter.   A peak expiratory flow meter measures your ability to exhale air from your lungs.  A healthy peak flow number depends on your height, weight and age.  Lower numbers means your asthma is not under good control.  We provide our patients with a peak flow meter so they can monitor their asthma at home and can recognize when they are having an asthma exacerbation before it becomes severe.

Our nurse practitioner can refill your asthma medications and help you find the right medication regemin for you.

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