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High Blood Pressure (BP) also called Hypertension occurs when there is too much pressure against your arteries.  If untreated this pressure can cause vision loss, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease and sexual dysfunction.  

We offer wellness visits, labs, and lifestyle counseling to help you control your blood pressure.

Wellness Visits

  • People who have high blood pressure should have at least four appointments each year.  Changes in your weight, diet, daily exercise, and nicotine use can affect your blood pressure.  


  • CMP - The CMP also known as the comprehensive metabolic panel lets us look at the health of your kidneys and liver.  It also tests your fasting blood sugar to see if you have diabetes.

  • Lipid Panel - The lipid panel lets us look at your cholesterol level.  We can see your HDL cholesterol which is your good cholesterol as well as your triglicerides and LDL cholesterol which is your bad cholesterol.  High cholesterol can harden the walls of your arteries which makes them less flexible and can contribute to high blood pressure.

  • Urinalysis & Urine Albumin - We look at your urinalysis to monitor your kidney health.

Lifestyle Counseling

  • Weight loss, dietary changes, exercise and stopping nicotine use can greatly improve blood pressure.  We know this can be very difficult and we create a personalized plan for each patient to reach their health goals.

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