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Some symptoms of an ear infection are ear pain, fever, discharge from ears, difficulty hearing, and dizziness.

Our nurse practitioner can look in your ears and tell you what type of ear infection you have.

Otitis Media (Inner Ear Infection)

Otitis media is an infection of the inner ear which is the space behind the ear drum.  This type of ear infection is more common in children but can occur in adults too.  You will not see any discharge with this type of ear infection unless you have a broken ear drum or if you have tubes in your ears.

Otitis Externa (Outer Ear Infection)

Otitis externa is an infection of your outer ear, which is the part of the ear you get water stuck in when you go swimming.  In fact, swimming can cause otitis externa because getting your ears wet gives bacteria a place to grow.  You may see discharge from your ears with this type of infection.

Cerumen Impaction (Too Much Ear Wax)

Sometimes a cerumen impaction can cause ear pain and pressure as well as decreased hearing.  If you have wax build up in your ears we can help you safely remove it to allieviate your symptoms.

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